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Name:Horcruxes, Not Hallows
Posting Access:All Members
Horcruxes, Not Hallows is a Harry Potter AU musebox.

The premise centers around Voldemort's triumph over Harry Potter and the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts.

Grimmauld Place has become a safe house - a refuge for the surviving members of the Order of the Phoenix. But that's not all! Lately, strange things have been happening; time is getting muddled and people are returning from the dead.

And that's all the plot I've got. The world is yours to build!

At present, we have the following characters:

Albus Dumbledore | [personal profile] aphoenixsong
Charlie Weasley | [personal profile] chasingdragons
Cho Chang | [personal profile] smartswan
Draco Malfoy | [personal profile] dmalfoy
Gellert Grindelwald | [personal profile] wandthief
Ginny Weasley | [personal profile] defiesauthority
Godric Gryffindor | [personal profile] fromwildmoor
Harry Potter | [personal profile] phoenixed
Helga Hufflepuff | [personal profile] fromthevalley
Hermione Granger | [personal profile] bibliophile_annex
Lily Potter | [personal profile] thricedefied
Lucius Malfoy | [personal profile] purityconquered
Luna Lovegood | [personal profile] dottiness
Merope Gaunt | [personal profile] washerlocket
Narcissa Malfoy | [personal profile] materfamilias
Nymphadora Tonks | [personal profile] wotcher
Rowena Ravenclaw | [personal profile] rowena_ravenclaw
Severus Snape | [personal profile] alwaysagit

OCs, multiples (occasionally), and dead characters allowed.

If you want to play Harry, you're going to have to bring him back from the dead. What with the premise and all.
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